Creation Process

Our Mission

We create to delight you

 We are a small family business in which the passion for candle making means more than just production. Our wax wonders are created with passion and in constant pursuit of perfection.  Feel free to acquaint yourself with the process of creation of our candles, from the bare idea to the packed product. Let us get started!



Step 1. Pattern conception

Designing the pattern is a key process, which is often carried out spontaneously, yet before the final approval it is always thoroughly analyzed in terms of the material used as well as its final look. Some of our candles are custom made, in accordance with our clients’ guidelines.









Step 2. Technical background

What is required in the first place in order to create our candles is making a candle core form. All the forms are produced using our own patterns, firstly by the use of modeling clay and then silicone or aluminum. The ready form enables creating a candle core.









Step 3. Scupting and decoration

The candle core becomes coloured in various ways using the immersion method. The previously designed pattern is now transferred onto a warmed-up core and precisely cut out, curled, adorned and hand modulated. In the final step, the candle is covered with a thin layer of varnish.



Verification and packing

Step 4. Ready product

The ready candle undergoes quality control, is labelled with our company logo and adorned.  The excess wick is cut and the candle is inserted into a special packet. Each candle is packed separately and safely.